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Purple Rain 20th Anniversary   DVD Two-Disc Special Edition (2004)

Special Features
- Digitally remastered widescreen presentation
- All-new documentary on the Minneapolis music scene
- All-new documentary on the making of the movie and the music
  including commentary by Director/co-writer/editor Albert Magnoli, 
  Producer Robert Cavallo, and  Cinematographer Donald Thorin
- All-new documentary on the impact of the movie and music on Pop Culture
- 8 Music Videos: Let's go Crazy, Purple Rain, take me with u, When Doves Cry, 
                             I Would Die 4 U/Baby I'm a Star, Jungle Love, The Bird, Sex Shooter
- The 1984 MTV Premiere Party in Hollywood

Editorial Review by Michael Mikesell
Whether you're hot for extras or simply after a Purple Rain release that does justice to the film, this special edition is the one to spring for. The movie appears in its original widescreen dimension (optimized for widescreen viewing), and its picture is dynamic and grain-free, letting the film's luscious, meticulously patterned colors shine through.

Running commentary from director/co-writer/editor Albert Magnoli, producer Robert Cavallo, and cinematographer Donald Thorin highlights both the challenges overcome to make the film and the wonders of working with a musician as prolific and as brilliant as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.

Disc 2 offers three short documentaries drawing from contemporary interviews with the filmmakers, the management of First Avenue (the Minneapolis club where Prince began his rise to fame), and members of Prince's former band, The Revolution (including Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman). 

Footage from MTV's premiere party is notable for the absence of a single worthwhile utterance from any of the party's celebrity attendees, but MTV's flip side saves the day: Eight music videos from Prince, the Time, and Apollonia 6. Sizzling, post-film performances of "Take Me with U" and "I Would Die 4 U/Baby I'm a Star" both feature extended instrumental jams and exciting looks at the real-life Revolution's Purple Rain tour.

The only thing missing is movie outtakes, many of which are referenced in Magnoli's commentary. Still, this otherwise definitive Purple Rain is a sumptuous feast for eyes and ears.
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2004             Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Tribute to George Harrison:
                      Prince, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne and others perform "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"
03-15-2004  Prince inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame  Acceptance Speech  Complete Opening Act  
03-25-1985  57th Academy Awards -  Acceptance Speech by Prince, Winner for Music (Original Song Score)
                      in the film Purple Rain  Lyrics: Purple Rain 
09-03-1984  Prince Got the Girl in Purple Rain, but Movie Rival Morris Day Is Stealing Some of His Thunder (People) 
July 1984     Purple Rain - A Collection of Reviews from various Publications
07-27-1984  Premiere of Purple Rain at Mann's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, California, with MTV (film by Tony Blass) 
Purple Rain (1984)  Warner Bros.
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The Kid
Patricia Kotero
Morris Day
Olga Karlatos
Clarence Williams III
Jerome Benton
Billy Sparks
Kim Upsher
Lisa Coleman
Lisa - The Revolution
Wendy Melvoin
Wendy - The Revolution
Bobby Z Rivkin
Bobby Z. - The Revolution
Matt Fink
Dr. Fink - The Revolution
Brown Mark
Brown Mark - The Revolution
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Taste MC
Charles Huntsberry
Jill Jones
Albert Magnoli
Director, Screenwriter, Editor
William Blinn
Robert Cavallo
Steve Fargnoli
Joseph Ruffalo
Donald Thorin
Michel Colombier
Composer (Film Score)
John L. Nelson
James Beshears
Sound Editor
Bruce Bisenz
Sound Mixer
Ward Preston
Production Designer
Anne McCulley
Set Designer
Marie France
Costume Designer
Richard Arrington
David Graham
Al Jones
Purple Rain: Cast & Crew
Purple Rain: 20th Anniversary DVD Special
April 3, 2011: An ArcLight Cinemas Facebook Special
Albert Magnoli Answers Fan Questions About Purple Rain
Fans Post Questions     Albert Magnoli Answers  
Original Review of Purple Rain by Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert
Watch Video here (fast-forward to 08:40) 
Purple Rain ranks #5 in Gene Siskel's Top 10 Films of 1984 and #10 in 
Roger Ebert's Top 10 Films of 1984
Must-Read Reviews by Scott P. Collins
May 12, 2017: THE REVOLUTION at the Barrymore Theater in Madison, Wisconsin
April 18, 2014: Savage Cinema's Favorite Movies: Purple Rain 
June 2, 2014: A MapQuest Exclusive!!
The Purple Rain 30th Anniversary Tour of Minneapolis
- Writer, Director, Producer -
D A R K   H A R B O R   P I C T U R E S
*** APRIL 21, 2016 - PRINCE PASSES AWAY AT AGE 57 ***
Prince Tributes around the world  Photo Gallery
May 5, 2016: Albert Magnoli, Writer/Director/Editor of Purple Rain remembers Prince. Insightful Interview by Cody Cain published at and Huffington Post
August 29, 2016: Purple Rain at the Academy  It was a MAGICAL NIGHT !!

Special Purple Rain Screening and Panel Discussion with Writer/Director/Editor Albert Magnoli, Producer Bob Cavallo, Actors Apollonia Kotero, Jill Jones and Jerome Benton, and
Costume Designer Marie France. Hosts: Reggie Hudlin and Marcus Miller

Video - The Genesis of the Film (Albert Magnoli + Bob Cavallo) 
Video - Writing and Casting 
Video - Apollonia 
Video - Jill and Jerome 
Video - Costume Design 
August 31, 2016: Prince Tribute at the Hollywood Bowl
Part of "The Black Movie Soundtrack II" Produced in cooperation with A.M.P.A.S.®
Producer/Director Reginald Hudlin and Grammy Winner Marcus Miller
Host Craig Robinson, featuring the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra